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What is a divisor?

Divisor Definition

A divisor is a number that other numbers are divided by. It comes from the French word "diviseur" which means "divider".  

In a division problem, it represents the number of groups that the original amount is equally divided between.

The "original amount" that is divided by the divisor is called the dividend. The resulting amount is called the quotient.

The quotient can be an unsimplified expression like the expression on the left side of the equal sign. Or it can be simplified like the right side of the equal sign.

Dividends, divisors, and quotients can be written with the division symbol (\(\div\)), with a fraction bar, or in a division box. 

Fraction Bar

Division Box

Types of Divisors

Fraction Divisors

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Decimal Divisors

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Negative Divisors

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Variable Divisors

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Polynomial Divisors

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Divisors and Reciprocals


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