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If you are ready to schedule an online math tutoring session, this page is the best place to book a tutoring session with me.

The automated scheduling system on that page will allow you to...

  • Choose the best time for you
  • Give me your contact information
  • Pay for your tutoring session
  • Receive an immediate confirmation

If the available time slots do not work for your schedule, please submit the form at the end of this page and let me know what alternative times would work well for you. 

Alternative Scheduling Options for
Online Math Tutoring Sessions

I do my best to be available at times that are convenient for my students. I also try to group my tutoring sessions together so I have long periods of time to spend in nature and with the people I love. 

However, I am often available at times that are not posted on my scheduling system. So, if you would like to request an alternative tutoring time, you can do that through the form on this page.

Before you submit the form, please do the following:

  1. Check my open schedule on my automated scheduling system.  If you find a time slot that works for you, sign up for a online math tutoring session on that page instead of submitting this form
  2. Read my tutoring session policies and note that all tutoring sessions must be scheduled at least 12 hours in advance. Please do not submit a tutoring session request on the same day that you want to meet with me. 
  3. Make sure you know how to use Zoom, the online video conferencing software I use for all of my tutoring sessions.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to helping you learn math easily!

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