Who Am I?

My first response is, "Well, I'm Jaylee!"

Answering that question always feels weird because there are so many things that I am! And not all of them can be described in words.

But there are a couple words that describe parts of me...

World Traveler


Book Worm

Oldest of 11

Spreadsheet Ninja


Digital Nomad

Lover of Naps

Crafty Seamstress

Math Nerd

Authentic Spirituality

I created Math Tutoring Online because I believe that life gets to be gentle and easy. My life gets to be gentle and easy and so does yours...if you choose to let it be.

My core values are ease, integrity, and love and I am passionate about bringing those values into every area of my life. 

I love all things related to mindfulness, entrepreneurism, and self-development. I love meditating and connecting to my body and my breath. I love creating magical experiences from a centered, grounded place. 

For the last 2.5 years, I've been traveling around Europe and it has been a beautiful adventure. I lived in Germany, Croatia, Spain, Montenegro, Italy, Cyprus, UK, and also visited several other countries during my European sabbatical.

I thoroughly enjoyed gaining a broader perspective through my travels and I also love being home. Through an odd chain of events, I ended up leaving Italy and settling back in the States just one step ahead of COVID-19. I'm definitely feeling grateful to be home. 

My Professional Experience

I first fell in love with math when my Dad gave me puzzles and tough problems to solve for fun. I loved the challenge of figuring out a complex problem! 

When I went to college, I flip-flopped between several number-related fields (accounting and physics) before deciding that mathematics was my favorite. 

During my junior and senior years, I enjoyed teaching introductory physics and statistics classes as a teaching assistant. I loved working in a university setting and I would love to teach college again. 

In 2014, I graduated with my Bachelor's in Mathematics Education with a minor in Physics Teaching and started my first job as a middle school math teacher at a brick-and-mortar school. 

After working there for a year, I transitioned to online teaching at a private online high school and I've been working there ever since. I currently teach part-time in addition to my tutoring work here at Math Tutoring Online.  

I love working online and meeting students from all around the world! And I'm looking forward to helping you learn math with ease, integrity, and love. 

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